Digital Caricature

Digital Caricature is a perfect amalgamation of art, creative and technology brought forward to a live audience to bring maximum crowds to your brands to stand out among a ferocious crowd.

Branded Artists are here to stay provided the user places value in this very special art form by some very special individuals courageous enough to perform in front of an international audience.

Here are some examples of my Digital caricature ...

Art to attract clients to your area of interest /Entertain your corporate guests

It is my pleasure to welcome you to view how communities, possible clients can be attracted to your promotional / marketing area.

The following caricature were made on location at Plugins stores all over the UAE. There are many testimonials that will vouch that this method gets more audience especially at a retail outlet or promotional area…even at conferences and events. And also testimony that your guests may be definitely entertained to take home a pleasing and enjoyable souvenir of your corporate event,

Made by Remy Francis
Made by Remy Francis

Made by Remy Francis

Made by Remy Francis
Made by Remy Francis

Made by Remy Francis

Made by Remy Francis

Made by Remy Francis

Made by Remy Francis

Made by Remy Francis

Made by Remy Francis

My recent Live caricature and Portrait sessions at Dubai Mall

Hello there folks

Am pleased to invite you to a recent live endeavor I am pursuing which is in ongoing in nature.
The following are from Dubai Mall….really enjoyed the mix and match of various people I had to sketch of tourists from all over the world.

Thank you for stopping by. Let me know if you need any clarification regarding my works here.

Live Portraits in Dubai

A couple of weeks back I was yet again feeling honored to get invited to do portraits live for a lovely corporate event.

It was a pleasure to see the bright faces of the corporate event members when they learnt they are going to get their portraits made live as gifts.

I had to do high-speed entertainment drawings like these with a gold and black theme. It was portraits with a twist because we had to make portraits which looked like negative photo films as the sketch was lighter line drawings on a dark base. You may take a look at my normal caricature and portraits in my other earlier posts here which can be noticed below.

Enjoy the pictures taken on location :o) The Marriott Marquis Hotel by Downtown Dubai - Business Bay

Caricaturist Live in UAE

A Live Caricaturist on location is always a fun-experience for the guest as well as for the artist be it any age or temperament or creed.

The common denominator is relaxation, entertainment and a sense of excitement at possibly any occasion.

Do check out some of my live caricature I have made at various public and private events in the UAE. Where I was very pleased to finally sit and have a dialogue with hundreds of different communities while being satisfied that I was able to entertain while creating a very personal gift such as portraiture or caricature for each of them.

Management Cartoons by Remy Francis

Copyright © 2012 Remy Francis

Obama's health-care debate; Copyright © 2011 Remy Francis

Bottled-up emotions; Copyright © 2012 Remy Francis

Product defect: ISO 9000 cartoon; Copyright © 1993 Remy Francis

Live caricature of engineer who wants to relax with football

Goals; Copyright © 2010 Remy Francis

Recycling your life; Copyright © 2009 Remy Francis

Executive Flying High: IT Outsourcing; Copyright © 1993 Remy Francis

ISO 9000 spec. Cartoon made in 1993

On this occasion I remember this cartoon I made for the Indian Statistical Institute back in 1993 during my business school days which was part of over 50 sketches made for a faculty to use as educational material while training blue collar workers about ISO standards before its implementation in an automotive manufacturing facility back in 1993.

This cartoon refers to the consumer's discomfort as a result of a defective design.