Illustration Friday Topic - Equality

Illustration Friday Entry - EQUALITY

Another Illustration Friday topic makes me rather glad to take part in a weekly event with a powerful community of visual thinkers.

This weeks topic of Equality makes me bring this piece I made a few years ago to light, during a time when we all started getting more and more immersed in news after news about a war-filled world. That's when I came up with this strip to communicate that at the end of the day "equality" means that we are all in this world together irrespective of what color, creed, race, country, state, nation, democracy, rich, poor, gender, caste or even species. That we all have the same demise or victory as we are all so equally dependent on each other.

All said and done, I wish I had the time to have made a brand new illustration for this IF topic. Hopefully I'll be able to do it during the summer months that follow.

Nice to see you here.